Introduction | About Us | Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited
Introduction | About Us | Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited
Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited

The aviation activity in the state was started in the year 1973 by a separate division in G.A.I.C. In the beginning, this division was started with a purpose to help the farmers by aerial spraying on various crops like; sugar cane, cotton, ground-nut, tuvar, etc. by helicopter and fixed wing Aircraft. By these activities, the farmers were benefited in many ways. When there was shortage of rain, cloud seeding operation was also carried out by aircraft for making artificial rain. The state has made G.A.I.C as its nodal agency to carry out activities of Civil Aviation Department. This has been done so as to meet demand of higher office in efficient manner. In year 2002 the state felt that it was turn to have aviation as a separate department.

Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited (GUJSAIL) is the nodal agency for development of aviation and related infrastructure in the state of Gujarat.

GUJSAIL is a public sector company set up by the Government of Gujarat (GoG) with a view to building infrastructure and providing trained human resources for the fast growing civil aviation sector in Gujarat.

The aviation sector is all set to soar high in Gujarat. There is a rapid development in Aviation sector in past few years as a result; an increase in domestic as well as international flights at various airports in Gujarat has emerged. Moreover private sectors are acquiring various types of choppers also. As a result the demand for creation of infrastructure and its maintenance for sustainable of Aviation sector is increasing manifold. The State Government has been considering having separate and autonomous organization to cater need of increasing demand for creation and maintenance of infrastructure in Civil Aviation Sector in the State of Gujarat.

The Civil Aviation Department, Government of Gujarat has set-up a new company GUJSAIL, with a view to carry out all Civil Aviation policy related activities in Gujarat, which aims to garner public private partnership by setting up of MRO’s, starting up of intra-state air connectivity, to acquire land to create land bank and enter into an agreement with partners giving them single window clearance, creating new airstrips and helipads, establishing new fuel trading companies in order to reduce its burden on the operational costs, setting up of aviation training institutes, provide trained manpower for the fast-growing Civil Aviation sector, to encourage the use of heli-copters in the areas of heli-tourism, adventure sports, religious places, point to point heli-services to bypass the traffic congestion on the road connecting remote areas, also to establish one DGCA approved Helipad at each Taluka of the state, also it will address to the aviation needs in regards to the Disasters like flood relief, earth quake etc within the country and for the state as in particular. The endeavour of the policy is to create a single window clearance.

This would be a 100% Government-owned Company. GUJSAIL shall be the nodal organization for implementation of the Gujarat Civil Aviation Policy. GUJSAIL will encourage, to contract with private sector in order to promote and develop finance, to establish, operate or takeover any aviation project including any type of/kind of ancillary facilities on a “Build Own Transfer (BOT), “Build Own Operate” (BOO), “Build Own Operate and Transfer” (BOOT), “Build Own Operate and Maintain” (BOOM). To carry on business of advisors and consultants for undertaking pre-feasibility/ market survey, techno economics, feasibility reports, detailed project report, to provide aviation infrastructure and integrated programme management services. GUJSAIL is playing a pivotal role in developing trade and tourism facilities around existing airports (irrespective of airport jurisdiction). Having a mission to create state of- art civil aviation infrastructure and system in the state, GUJSAIL along with the state government, has envisaged the building of infrastructure in both tourism and trade segments. Some of the tourism related aspects are transport services, hotels, amusement parks etc, while the trade related services include duty free shopping complexes, business centers etc. The passenger growth in Gujarat has also been supportive to the growth of the aviation in the state. The historic trend for Gujarat shows that during the five years up to 2002-03, Gujarat's airports witnessed a compounded growth of only 1.2 per cent. However, the state continued to clock a double digit growth in the succeeding years. Availability of low cost airlines, increased frequency and better regional and international connectivity has contributed to this growth.

GUJSAIL will establish and maintain to operate aeronautical or flying clubs, gliding clubs, training colleges, schools, clubs and institution for pilots, wireless operators, ground engineers and mechanics to carry out aero sports activities viz paragliding, para-flying, hand gliders. To develop new project with PPP also to act as Agency for construction /maintenance. GUJSAIL will own all aviation related infrastructure like Airport, Airstrips, Lands, Aircraft, Helicopters, Man power etc belonging to the State Government. Also, GUJSAIL will adopt an appropriate frame work including formation of subsidiaries with PPP for Airports, MRO Hubs, Air Cargo Hubs, Air Training Academies and Regional Airlines etc.

The growth in air traffic has prompted the Gujarat government to develop 11 new airstrips at various religious and tourist locales such as Palitana, Mandvi, Morbi, Ankleshwar, Parsoli, Rajpipala, Ambaji, Dwarka, Rajkot,Dholavira and Dahej. The government also plans to reclaim the smaller airstrips lying unused/semi used at Mehsana, Deesa, Amreli and Mandvi and lease it out flying clubs. Presently AAI charges high lease rents to flying clubs to operate from their airfields.

Viability Gap Funding: GoG through GUJSAIL has proposed that viability of each aviation project be looked at on a case by case basis and if required, necessary support can be given to a private investor so as to make the project viable for a specified duration. Once the market demand of assets or services has been established, support will be removed.

Government shall provide single window clearances for all permissions and approvals under the State Government purview for all aviation related activities in Gujarat. This shall be ensured through setting up of Single Window Clearance Cell under GUJSAIL

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