Resolutions | Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited
Resolutions | Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited

To carry on business of providing services for Aviation Infrastructure including, designing, estab lishment, construction, development, maintenance, modernization, upgradation of runway, helip ads, taxiways, parking bays, hangars, workshops, Airports Terminal Buildings, Airport facilities, Aviation EG/engineering facilities, aircraft ground handling services, ramp services, passenger handling services, cargo handling services and other allied services.

To establish, organize, manage, run, charter, conduct, contract, develop, handle own and operate all types of aircrafts, airplanes, seaplanes, hovercrafts, helicopters and other crafts used in all kind of transportations and maintain hangars, garages, airports, landing grounds, yards and accommodation, including all other infrastructure and to act as commission agent, booking agent, indenting agent, travel agent, fleet agents, garages owners, service station agents, cargo owner, loading unloading, couriers, aerial surveys, charter, package tour operators and Airlines.

To contract with private sector to promote, develop, finance, establish, built, construct, equipped, operate, maintain, control, upgrade, regulate, modify and or takeover any aviation project including any type/kind of ancillary facilities on a "Build Own Transfer" (BOT), "Build Own Operate" (BOO), "Build Own Operate and Transfer" (BOOT), "Build Own Operate and Maintain" (BOOM) formats including formation.

To carry on business of advisors and consultants for undertaking pre feasibility / market survey, techno economics, feasibility reports, details project report, to provide aviation infrastructure development and integrated programme management services, and to provide promotional and representative services on all aspects of aviation infrastructure related activities, problems, issues and matters relating to administration and organization of aviation industry and business and the training of personnel for aviation industry and business.

To carry on in India or abroad the business to manufacture, repair, produce, maintain, fabricate, assemble, buy, sell, import, export, develop, design, recondition, remodel, renovate, hire, let on hire, charter, tender, provide deal in all varieties, descriptions, specifications, capacities, strengths and applications of aircrafts used for transportation of goods, passengers, aero sports, or for defense, security.

To establish, maintain and operate aeronautical or flying clubs, gliding clubs, training colleges, schools, clubs and institution for pilots, wireless operators, ground engineers and mechanics and to carry out aero sports activities viz paragliding, paraflying, hang gliders and to arrange and promote aerial and gliding meetings and displays, serial races, speeds and trial tests.

To develop new project with PPP and also act as Agency for construction / maintenance.

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